About Me

I'm Dawn Starr, a mom of 3 and a work-from-home enthusiast since 2012. Over the years, I've collaborated with fantastic remote companies like Peloton, Sweetgreen, DirecTV, and Amazon. Formerly a realtor, I decided to pivot to spend more quality time with my family. Now, I'm not only homeschooling my kids but also running a small business.

My mission is clear – I want to liberate you from tired, stressed, toxic work environments. I know many of you are on the struggle bus, dealing with crazy job markets and new technologies. My passion is helping you upskill, create killer resumes, and start earning from the comfort of your home.

I get it – not everyone has the time or knows how to craft a resume. Whether you're just starting, reentering the workforce, or simply too busy, I've got your back. Explore my website for custom resume services, prefilled templates, and a daily-updated, FREE Work From Home job list.

I'm excited to share free resources, help you learn, or even take the reins for you. Visit my website for testimonials from those who found their dream remote jobs with my assistance. I offer lists tailored to your needs – non-phone positions, jobs with provided equipment, opportunities for beginners, entry-level tech roles, and more.

Your year of success awaits!  If you need extra support or services, reach out anytime.